January 1, 2010

#31 on my list of resolutions for 2k10: Update my blog.


See you in 2011.

Blog Comments 101

March 26, 2009

So it’s blizzarding outside. I mean it’s snowing like woah! Which can only mean one thing, trainer procrastination. In my flurry of activites to stay off of the bike that goes nowhere, I logged into my account. I had 2 new comments, that’s pretty exciting even if they are talking trash under cloaks of anonymity like “meatwad”. Now, the blogging world has been around for a while now, but nowhere is there a site that discusses blog commenting ettiquitte…until now.

Let’s look at a few examples and good, bad, and mediocre comments.

First, an example of a good comment: Submitted on November 6, 2008. Author: Corey Carlson. “I thought you did just great. Buy some socks, you’re not a triathlete yet. – Corey” 

Now, what makes this good? Well, this is the World Wide Web, you never know who is reading, so grammar and punctuaion count. It’s not a text message. How sad would your 3rd grade teacher be if she saw a comment that lacked any sort elementary English skills? My guess is very sad, I know mine would be. Corey showcases his command of the English language here, making all of his teachers very proud. Secondly, the content is relavent to the post. Finally, he tried to make me feel better about a race that I lost. Yet, he’s a good friend and offers constructive criticism on my sock length choice and doesn’t sugar coat it. In fact he zings me by dropping the triathlete bit. Thanks Corey, as you know I now wear tall socks.

Moving on.

A medicore comment: Submitted on February 9, 2009. Author: Alex Lewis. “Ballar”

Classic example of a mediocre comment. Now, let me start of by saying, this is by no means a bad one. In fact, it accounts for 80% of the blog comments on according to the most rencent research. It’s concise and to the point. It can also be argued that it was spelled correctly depending on where you stand on poetic liscence issues. The author is obviously proud of what he typed on his keyboard, and isn’t afraid to let the whole world know he will type “ballar” and claim it. My hat is off to you Mr. Lewis. 

Finally, the inspiration for this post. The bad comment. Submitted March 4, 2009. Author: Meatwad. “Well aren’t you just a gift from god. Get over yourself man, you’re not that great…”

First things first, the name. I don’t know what concerns me more. The fact that this person calls him or herself “meatwad” or the fact that thier e-mail is actually It takes a special person to think of “meatwad” when signing up for an e mail account. Let alone use it. I hope this is your e mail you use when you are typing away in forums and blogs in anonymity. 

The grammar and punctuation isn’t bad. Typically, the G in God is capitalized, but I can roll with with it being lowercased. Perhaps a comma after “Well”. I’m pretty sure that a question mark is better suited for ending the first sentence than a period, since afterall, it is a question. Ending your comment with an ellipsis doesn’t necessarily drive your point home. It leaves a lot of uncertainty. 

Finally, the content. This was in regards to my post about putting candle wax on cable ends when you don’t have the proper cable button available. Blantaly, a joke. As the majority of my posts are, this was based on the idea of sarcasm, used purely to entertain the masses.  Meatwad, I fear that you did not pick up on this, and if you took it seriously, I apologize. I hope that you didn’t wax up your cable ends, then get laughed at because of my blog. If this was the case, please send me your address and I’ll personally send you 4 real life cable ends to make up for the confusion. 

So, there it is. Commenting 101. I’m sure this may stir the comment pot even more. I also don’t doubt that every grammatical error will be presented to me in simple chapter form. I knew that going into this. I’m prepared. If you take one thing away from this virtual lesson, it would be this, “Don’t take life too seriously Meatwad, you’ll never get out alive”.

Boom, Roasted.

February 13, 2009


Apparently diesel magazines. I count 6 varieties. If it don’t blow smoke, it must be broke.

Soo Pro.

January 31, 2009

The season is almost upon us. Which can only mean one thing. All kinds of new technologic babble about the new cool parts and accesories that will make you absolutely faster. Well, here is just a taste of what is to come, and if this is any indicator, well it will be interesting.

Somewhere between California and Colorado I lost my rear derallieur cable end. You know that little thing that goes on the end of your cables to stop them from fraying. This particular one was red. I liked it, but it’s gone now. Those are the breaks. Fraying cables are NOT pro, they are bad, bad, very bad.

SO I got a new one. For free, no big deal. But this is where it gets interesting. I got home and realized I had no way to secure it to my fraying cable. Typically, you use pliers. Or some sort of tool similar to a pair of pliers, basically anything that can clamp down.  All of my tools except my hammer were stolen one very cold day in February in Albuquerque several moons ago.  So, I was stuck. I tried scissors but they were too sharp and just sheared thru it. Stapler….no good. But I was desperate. SO, I secured it using scissors and a whole lot of finesse. It was on (kinda), I was happy.

Obviously, it didn’t make it through the duration of my ride yesterday. So last night whilst cleaning my bicycle and I came across my fraying rear derallieur cable I was like, “WTF mate”. Then I looked at a candle and it all clicked. Behold…..


Yep, wax dipped cable ends. PRO. Added bonus, they smell delicious. Hopeufully, it will hold until I can have a professional install a traditional cable end… or buy a pair of pliers.

Who’d A Thunk??

January 13, 2009

Turns out Cali is hilly…really hilly.


Maybe even hilly enough to put the S in Fat

But the “New Lance” is kinda growing on me…



Other than that, I’m on a rest day here in Cali after my first week. It’s really nice here, and the training has been going well. I will however say California is hilly…really hilly. So my legs hurt…but they are supposed to right?

I’m off to do a little winery tour this afternoon in Temecula, then come home and nap. 

The end.

Do I sound different??

January 3, 2009

Please excuse me, if my grammar turns rotten and I start sounding like a surfer. I’m in California. Today on my brief spin, I encountered another cyclist, the first words out of his mouth, “Man, it’s cold out today”. I didn’t want to sound like a snob…so I chuckled and said, “tell me about it”. Little did he know, it was the first time that I can remember that I wasn’t wearing a thermal jacket and I could actually see my shoes.. Oh, and I have an espresso maker at my disposal. I like it here.

With that being said… the group ride that I got hooked up with leaves at 7 in the morning. I thought Californians were laid back. So, I’ll be putting that espresso to use tomorrow around 6:30, I hope it’s light enough out to get there. At least I’ll have 5 hours in by noon and I’ll know where to ride here is the OC. I’m hoping to meet Lauren or LC. So far I know where they don’t hang out…so that’s a start.

I’m still listening to I would tell you what station…but I would lose any sort of street credit that I have if I did. OK fine it’s Colbie Caillait.

This is funny to me.

December 31, 2008

I was checking out the interwebs this morning and came across an article on the of Jeremy Powers interviewing Lars Boom. Jeremy asked Lars why he thinks the Ductch are better than the Belgians. Lars’ answer was “Because we are normal”.

The pods that were supposed to hear this, did.

Happy Neueva Year.

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays to all 3 of my readers. I just found out about It’s the best Christmas gift ever. Everybody check it out. Also if you are in SoCal and read this let me know I’m going to be in Rancho Santa Margarita driving bikes in January and I need to know the cool places to ride.